The Story of a Rambler

Ramblin' Pan has been described as "Early Ryan Adams meets young Johnny Cash". And his live show has been known to make grown men weep from the truth and simplicity of the lyrics to the overall presence of a deep knowing with each word sung out.

Ramblin' Pan was formed in 2011 by Kristian Giglietti (Ja-Let-Tee) in Chicago. After the passing of his father, being homeless for 2 months, and ending a serious relationship, Kristian began writing songs to use as a healing balm from depression. Within a year of forming the project, he raised enough money working two jobs to record his first EP album "A Prodigal's Tale". He has toured nationwide as an independent artist while building a home grown following. "A songwriters journey on the road is the heartbeat of a rambler" -RP

In 2011, Ramblin' Pan performed at the Middle of the Midwest Fest with such notable bands as Maps and Atlases,The Giving Tree Band, and many more!

Late 2012 he released his debut EP album "A Prodigals Tale" that has been described as "a folk music roller-coaster"- Cassie KDHX Radio Station

2013 & '14 were spent touring and capturing the hearts one song at a time. He performed at the KC PorchFest which is one of the largest outdoor music festivals in the Kansas City area. 

2015 saw the creation of an Indiegogo campaign to help raise funds for his debut LP. In 60 days he raised three thousand dollars from fans online and at live shows. 

June 6th, 2015 was the release of the debut self titled LP. After some light touring and time, Kristian began to form the concept of the next record. Ramblin' Pan is currently located in St Louis and is working towards paying for the next record that is hoped to be released sometime 2018.